Label size adjustment

Sorry for the newbie question but what CSS do I need to input to:

  1. Change the size of Label area at Fader widget (The space between the text and the actual fader) ?
  2. Align the Label in the middle of the Fader (rather than at the top as it is by default).


You can target the label with the css selector > .label, you could write for instance:

> .label {
  /* change height*/
  min-height: 50rem;
  /* change font-size */
  font-size: 150%;
  /* set arbitrary position */
  position: absolute;
  top: 50%;
  margin-top: -25rem;
  margin-left: 30rem;


Another approach would be to disable the fader’s label and use an input widget or a text widget as label.

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