CSS Customisation

Im using CSS to customise the appearance of a GUI.

2 Questions.

How do I refer to the text in the header bar of a widget without effecting text in the main area of that widget.

Can I resize + change background colour of header bar of a widget

I can help a little to get you started. Use the > to target the child. So if you had a panel widget.

>.label {
    color: Red;
    background-color: white;

.panel {
   background-color: grey;

Adding this to your CSS. The >.label will target your header and title area. The .panel will target in your body of the panel.

Opening your template in your chrome (browser) and hitting F12 will open the developer’s tools. You can use that to find out what to target in CSS. Sometimes it can still be confusing though.

Now, resizing I’m not sure of exactly.