Label Over Widget Ignore Touch

Hi, could someone please point me in the right direction of how to ignore touch on a textarea?

I have text over a keyboard widget, and when I touch the text, the key doesn't press on the widget. I found a thread about this, but the link provided with the solution didn't work.


EDIT: I meant text widget, not text area. However, I can't get it to work for either.

Interaction: false
No ?

Doesn't appear to be an option on the text widgets.

For TextArea widgets, it doesn't appear to change anything.

Upon touching/clicking the text, nothing happens. I want the key to press as if I clicked right above the text.

Text widgets are always non-interactive. Textarea widget do apply this property, but when the editor is enabled, interaction is always ignored to allow selecting the widgets. If it doesn't work, double check your css properties and theme file if any in case the css pointer-events property is overridden.

Thank you so much, this helped me find the issue. So silly, the text widgets were nested in a panel, so I had to turn interaction off for the panel.