Interested in OStgC: Scripting as compared to Lemur?

Hi, I’m new here just starting to learn about OStgC and am particularly interested in the scripting aspect of it. I’ve done a good bit of scripting in Lemur (it was my first experience with programming, so now I’ll probably be learning about JavaScript). I deduce that because OStgC uses JavaScript that it is at least as capable or more than Lemur? I would probably be using lots conditional statements based on data received from the daw (considering Bitwig) and the state of variables and buttons in OStgC.

By using Bitwig, which also uses JavaScript/Java scripting, if it makes any difference, what might be the preferred approach for scripting (if I am conceiving of this correctly): make all the relatively more complicated scripting in OStgC (like the approach I have done in Lemur), or use OStgC more as a simple OSC/MIDI control surface and have Bitwig’s JS scripting handle the more complicated parts?

Thanks for your thoughts!

In the past I used lemur to control my daw and templates (I use cubase). As I’m sure you’re aware lemur is powerful when you start using it’s scripting functionality.

OSC is lemur x 100

It’s way more powerful in my opinion. It has a steep learning curve but once you’re up and running and start to fully utilise the scripting capabilities in the widgets and also the custom modules I’ve managed to quickly replicate what my femur control did fir me and then add way more functionality.

The added bonus is that OSC is in active development and @jean-emmanuel the developer is incredibly helpful on these forums. So there are loads of new features added, if you find bugs (not that there are many) it gets quick resolution, and if you’re stuck there are loads of solutions available here.

Good luck with it!

Great, good to know thanks!