How to set keycommands as a widged

I wouldlike to set some widget in the template as a keycommands for example: safe as, quit, open editor etc. but for Open Stage Control of course. How to do it.

I'm afraid that's not possible. OSC works with OSC messages and MIDI messages.
In order to do that, you need to map OSC message/MIDI message to the function in your app.

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And if the app doesn't speak MIDI or OSC, you need an app that receives MIDI/OSC as input, and outputs a key command (keyboard combination / keystroke).

On macOS, things are very simple (at least for me). Using Bome MIDI Translator Pro, I can link a MIDI message to a so-called "translator" that runs a script (an applescript). This script can do a lot of things (even check which app is active).

On winOS, the equivalent to Bome is Auto Hot Key, which—by the way—is free and works primarily with OSC. I don't know if AHK speaks MIDI...

BOME (mac / not free / speaks MIDI), AHK (windows / free / speaks OSC).

Try this:

Doesn’t seem to be very well supported but it’s free and does the job - that is it will revive a midi message and then send a key command out.

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Thank you Guys, It works on my Boome Midi Tranlator Pro, but I was hoping not to use any additional software with OSC. Anyway Thank you !