How to inherit @{parent.variables} and add new variables

Hello, while using this astoundingly awesome program, I am trying to get a panel object to inherit its parent’s variables, while also declaring some variables unique to itself.

I have tried to set the variables property as:

@{parent.variables},“device”: “filter”

but this is computed as:

“{“track”:10}”,“device”: “filter”

and the track variable cannot be accessed by the panel’s children

Is there something I’m doing wriong, or a better way to do this?

To give a bit of context, I have an xy pad inside this panel, and I want to create its OSC address by using its parent (representing an effect device in Ableton) and it’s grandparent (representing a track in Ableton)

I hope that makes sense!

You’d need some javascript magic to do that:

#{Object.assign(@{parent.variables}, {device: "filter"})}

This will merge both objects. See

Amazing, thank you!