Clones and variables overrides

In my interface with nmsd,
I made a panel for each client, the custom module send /EDIT with a variables to panel_client1,2… and each panel child peek its values on the variables object, it seems to work.
Peek 02-05-2020 11-33
I’m trying to use clone to make strips, one for each client.
when I clone the panel I don’t know how to set the overrides values to make it work.
Is it possible to /EDIT values of a clone ?

Yes it’s possible. In the template widget (the one you clone) make sure all widgets ids depend on a variable set in the parent’s variables property, and make the clones descendant unique by overriding this variable in the clones’ props property. This you’ll be able to edit the clones and their children using their unique id. The attached session demonstrates this with a simple clone and a clone matrix.

clone_overrides.json (5.8 KB)

In this example, the clones’ descendant have unique ids, but not the clone themselves, you’d need to override the id property as well to do that.

Note that modifications made with to cloned widgets with /EDIT are not logged by the editor (no undo possible) and may be reset by changes made on the original widget.

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Great ! i’m going to do it :slight_smile: