Fader "touched" Indicator


I am trying to create some type of indicator that will turn on or become visible only whenever a fader is touched or moved, then go away when the fader is released. Working with Lemur previously I was able to accomplish this using the fader's X property. But I'm struggling to find a similar solution in OSC.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!!

Hi Nielsen,

You can do this with the 'touch' parameter. See also the documentation. For example:

if (touch !== undefined) {
touch === 1 ? set('indicator', 1) : set('indicator', 0)

I made an example where change is indicated in three ways.
faderTouchIndicator.json (4.2 KB)


Thank you Udo!!
This works perfectly, exactly what I was looking for. I greatly appreciate you taking the time to reply and the example.

You're welcome. Glad I could be of help.

Is it possible to create several led indicators that only light up when you hit a certain velocity?

So if the fader range is 0-127 have the first led light up when the fader is touched, 2nd led lights up when the fader hits 10 etc

Like a bar graph? That's possible:
faderTouchMultiIndicator.json (15.3 KB)

Or perhaps this variant:
faderTouchMultiIndicatorB.json (18.1 KB)

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That’s exactly what I was trying to achieve. Thank you