Fader show current value as db?

Hey guys!

I was wondering if I can make my fader show the current value, and convert the cc range(0-127) to db.

Maybe I don't need to convert it?

It's possible only using NRPN MIDI messages for a wider range of values.
Normal CC range of 128 values lacks in precision when converting to dB scale.
And it's not easy to convert :sweat_smile:. You'll need to "guess" what is the Math function that does the job, and probably not a single one, but one for each dB interval of your fader pips.

Ohno :scream:

I guess I'll be satisfied with just cc values then :joy:

But can I visualize the current value/percentage atleast? :joy:

Yes, check the docs Properties reference - Open Stage Control
Basically you need to set pips to true.
And for different pips configuration, you can edit the range prop.


Thank you! :face_holding_back_tears:

You also have the option of using the pitchwheel controller {/pitch} assigned to your fader. That way you have 14bit resolution (16383) instead of the 7bit you get with cc. You also get the benefit of if used in a mcu/hui device, having the feedback in dB directly from your daw.

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