Button 2 press dropdown button

So, i want these functions to add to a button but i don't know how to do it yet.

If i press a button one time it sends a osc message with the default osc command. and if i press it twice it will show a dropdown button with more osc messages to choose from.

Use case:

I have a template setup with groups and children groups, (groups within groups in ableton)
I want to be able to trigger a dropdown menu when i press a button twice to choose a children group within the master group. and have a one press to select the master group.

Whats a good way to get to this point ?

Hi, as far as i know you can't seperate a normal tap or a double tap to trigger actions.
(just one of them at a time).

maybe that could be something like a feature request.

you maybe could go down another route.

Use a switch and interaction mode "slide", there you have to values.
To implement your desired logic, take a look into the custom module.

value 0: hide the dropdown with osc listeners(in the desired properties, and by "receive(...) in the custom module) and send the message
value 1: show the dropdown, and don't do anything else.