[BUG] when setting a Modals LABEL property by Javascript

After fiddling a while around, i found a working solution, unfortunatly after save, close and reopen of the project and error is displayed:

(ERROR, CLIENT) Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property ‘innerHTML’ of undefined
at this.getProp (src/client/widgets/containers/modal.js:215:60)
at super.onPropChanged (src/client/widgets/containers/modal.js:244:21)
at this.reCreateWidget (src/client/widgets/common/widget.js:780:21)
at this.updateLinkedPropsWithNesting (src/client/widgets/common/widget.js:452:17)
at linkedCreatedCallback (src/client/widgets/common/widget.js:395:21)
at this._listeners[evt].slice (src/client/events/event-emitter.js:29:29)
at listeners[i] (src/client/events/event-emitter.js:35:41)
at listeners[i] (src/client/events/event-emitter.js:35:41)
at listeners[i] (src/client/events/event-emitter.js:35:41)
at listeners[i] (src/client/events/event-emitter.js:35:41)

What have i done?
Add a modal , inside the modal add a switch, the values of the switch:

{“off”: “00”,“wah”:“01”}

now to display the keys instead of the values at the label property of the modal:

var values = @{stompASel.values},
v = @{stompASel};
return @{this.variables.stomp}

This JS part breaks the whole project, i couldn’t load and remove this part, i had to use a prev. Version.
OpenStageControl4reaper_9.json (816.2 KB)


The issue is fixed in v1.7.3 (to be uploaded)

Thank you!