AbletonOSC and get Volume


To set volume using AbletonOSC, it's done with the OSC address /live/track/set/volume and as argument the index of the track (start from 0).

Ok so it works i can move the fader and set the volume to the second track (index 1)

Now of course i'd like to get the fader updated when moving from Ableton. For this AbletonOSC use another OSC address. (


So the answer is an array

(DEBUG, OSC) In:  { address: '/live/track/get/volume', args: [ 1, 0.4000000059604645 ] } From: 

And i'm stuck... The fader does not update.

Edit (nylon) :
the funny fact that it works with a simple text widget : when moving from Ableton it updates the value.

Any help appreciated :slight_smile:

You can use a custom module to translate the reply message from ableton to a message that the fader can consume

module.exports = {

    oscInFilter: (data)=>{

        if (data.address === '/live/track/get/volume') {
            data.address = '/live/track/set/volume'
        return data


thank you for this answer but it seems it can be a bit long to "translate" all osc addresses set by AbletonOSC.

No solution without using custom module ?

And why does the text widget work and not the fader ?

abletonOSC-meets-OpenStageControl.json (8.3 KB)


The text widget works because its address is the one ableton sends its feedback to (with "/get" instead of "/set"). You could make it work by setting the fader's address to /live/track/get/volume and use its onValue script to send to /live/track/set/volume.

Or you could set the fader's address to /live/track/set/volume and its value property to OSC{/live/track/get/volume, 0, false}

Thank you for your suggestions but does not work

Here for the second "solution"

I forgot the option in the OSC{} listener to ignore the preArgs (post edited). From your first posts I guess you still need to send /live/track/get/volume at a regular interval if ableton doesn't send feedback automatically.