Where to post certain topics

I wanted to ask where to post things like:

General discussion? for example I’m very impressed with the platform and the way everyone! Even a newbie like me is treated very nicely with a lot of patients. I want to post about it and encourage everyone to support it. Where will I post such a topic?

An interesting article that I would like to share or write? (related to our topic of course)
Where do I post that?

Where can I post my personal experiences and mini-tutorials? I feel that Jean and other members of investing a lot in every response and I would like to contribute back by making tiny screen capture videos that will basically take what Jean explains to me and give it a visual presentation of how it was executed. This is time-consuming but once in a while, i can do it. Where can i post it?

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I added a “General discussion” category under “Community”.

Where can I post my personal experiences and mini-tutorials

I think “Made with Open Stage Control” is appropriate.

Fantastic Jean, Thank you!