What is the purpose of Clone Containers?

Sorry if this is such a noob question but I'm trying to understand what Clone Containers are?

It's just a guess but is it a way of saving resources?

Lets say, for example, I have a fader/slider. And I want this fader (with the same midi assignment but I want it in many different pages, will cloning it save on resources rather than just duplicating multiple faders all with the same Midi assignments?

Many thanks


It doesn't save resources but it saves time. Clones can also override the cloned properties, which can be very powerful. There's a small example of this here.

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Clone are a easy way too duplicate others containers and it allows you to custom parameters for each of the clone
You can check this example of simple mixer using clone and variables : https://gum.co/Ableton_OSC_Script

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