What does Custom Module Saving Trigger?

Ive tested a few of the app.on callback methods. I cant seem to find which method is called when a cm / sm is being saved and reloaded. I see in the log that it notices a sub module was changed and reloads the custom module. Are the callbacks intended to be used here or am I mistaken?

When a change is detected in the custom module's main file or one of its submodules (included via require()), the following happens to the main module:

  1. module.exports.unload is called (if defined)
  2. timeouts and intervals created by the module are cleared
  3. callbacks (add via app.on) registered by the module are removed
  4. submodules (included via require(), not nativeRequire()) are unloaded (steps 1 to 4)
  5. the main module is evaluated and loaded again