Weired behavior with the plot widget

I have a problem with the plot widget. I’ve attached the file.

With knob values of 0.28, 0.29, 0.55 - 0.58 the curve disapears. What’s causing this?

plot_test.json (2.5 KB)


Hi, the problem lies in plotVal being a non-integer value, thus causing problems in the second for loop. This fixes it:
plotVal = parseInt(thr * 100);

That being said, you could draw the same thing with only 3 points, this would perform much better:

var knob = @{knob_1},
    curve = [[0,0]]

curve.push([knob, knob * 100])
curve.push([1, knob * 100])

return curve

Elegant - I didn’t realise that was possible :slight_smile: (wich is the cause of me using “100”).

It is, of course, intended for a graphical representation for a compressor. I’ve attached an updated version, in case anyone else finds this relevant.

Is it possible to specify a curved line in the same elegant manner, or will I need to plot it thru several points (I’m aiming at “softening” the knee, as seen wih most compressors using this typeof display) ?

plot_test_v2.json (3.3 KB)