Vertical text in switches?


I would like to display text vertically in switches like this:


I have tried using the HTML code part of the widget like this:

<p style="writing-mode: vertical-rl">test</p>

Obviously, only the text "test" between the <p> and </p> tags has been displayed and set vertically while the labels defined in switch->values are not impacted.


Is it possible to do it?

This in the css property will do:

value {
  writing-mode: vertical-rl

Thank you Jean-Emmanuel. However I was rather seeking left-to-right direction but the vertical-rl value seems to be interpreted as vertical-lr

just for me :slight_smile: Writing Modes And CSS Layout — Smashing Magazine about the writing-mode

and yes it seems as @amundsen says left to right and no difference between rl or lr


Adding transform: rotate(180deg); might do in that case.

Yes! Merci!!!

a solution :