Usage of fragments how to pass properties


I have a large project coming up.
I wanted to use fragments to mutualize code.

Basically I will have 6 instance of the same block all of them using the same code but with different parameters.

So using fragments looks like the way of doing it.
I saw a props parameter when loading a fragment, but I couldn't figure how to use it.

Is there some docs or something ?

Attached two files showing my attempt

mainSample.json (1.5 KB)
fragmentSample.json (2.3 KB)


maybe Matrix, fragments children widgets id - #5 by jean-emmanuel

can help you.


Thanks for your answer.
I got it to work using a matrix.

A few pitfalls to avoid :

  • a fragment file should be saved with the fragment mode enabled to update
  • a fragment should have one panel under the root widget containing all the widget.

There is still something I don't get.
using the matrix, if the props are :

  "file": "fragmentSample.json",
  "props": { "variables": {   "fragment_id": "test" } }

it works.

using a fragment, if the props are :

  "props": { "variables": {   "fragment_id": "test" } }

it doesn't work.
Is there something else to do with the fragment so it can update ?

Attached the updated files
fragmentSample.json (2.1 KB)
mainSample.json (3.0 KB)


In the case of a single fragment it should be

  "variables": {   "fragment_id": "test" }

Super works like a charm !

Thanks for the precision.
Attached the files for future use
fragmentSample.json (2.2 KB)
mainSample.json (1.5 KB)


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