To change only one parameter in a Matrix from the custom-modul

I'm trying to figure out since last night how to send a single value from the custom-module in an already generated matrix (fader).
Here I generate my fader matrix in the custom module. So far so good.

	receive('/EDIT', 'matrix_cFad_L', {'props': `JS{{
	var props ={}
	var VARcCC_L_Labels = [` + VARcCC_L + `]
	props.colorWidget = "#336699ff"
	props.alphaStroke = 1
	props.alphaFillOff = 0.25
	props.alphaFillOn = 1
	props.lineWidth = 10
	props.dashed = true
	props.knobSize = 40
	props.pips = true
	props.doubleTap = true
	props.css = "font-size: 60%"
	props.range = {
	 "min": 0,
	 "max": 127
	props.gradient = {
	 "0": "darkblue",
	 "1": "lightblue",
	 "0.6": "steelblue"
	props.address = "/control"
	props.preArgs = [
	props.decimals = 0 = "midi:OSC"
	props.default = 100
	return props

Then I receive new values from my external hardware fader and want to transfer it to the first fader in the matrix.
But, if I do it this way (see example below), it will of course overwrite all the "props".

	var ValueFromExternFader = 60
	receive('/EDIT', 'matrix_cFad_L', {'props': `JS{{
	var props ={}
	props.value = ` + ValueFromExternFader + `
	return props

How do I have to write the syntax so that I can apply the value (in my case the value 60) directly to the first fader?
Is there a default ID to address the individual faders in the matrix?
Or would I also have to define the ID to be able to address the first fader directly?

What kind of thinking error am I making?

Don't use /EDIT to change a widget's value, simple use its address:

receive('/widget_address', value)
// or, if widget has preArgs
receive('/widget_address',  preArg1, preArg2, value)

On a sidenote, you don't need to break backtick quotes (aka template strings) to insert variables:

var x = 2
var str = `I ate ${x} apples today`

(this has nothing to do with osc's advanced syntaxes, it's plain javascript)

The sidenote works great, thanks, never ending learning...

But i have a question about the /widget_address...
is it right if I say the /widget_address is the id?

and if my Matrix Widget (i generate 4 faders) has the id (in my case "matrix_cFad_L")
which id has than my first fader? "matrix_cFad_L0"?

From the props' documentation:

Note: unless overridden, children inherit from the matrix' id and osc properties (id and address are appended with /$ )

In your case the address and preArgs are overidden (props.address and props.preArgs), should be something like

receive('/control', 1, CC, 60)

Why do you use /control? I only want to change the value of the first fader in a matrix.
I try like


I try several examples in the custom-modul. What do I think wrong?

/control is the address you gave to the faders in the matrix. Widgets can be controlled using the same messages than the ones they send.


is it right if I say the /widget_address is the id?

is only true if the address property is not explicitly set (address defaults to /widget_id, except for widgets in a matrix, see my previous post). In any case these are two distinct properties.

Hmm... I completely misunderstood the address field. Now I have just made a big step forward again.
Thank you very much for your passionate help.