Syntax issues updating "visible" properties of panel

Hey Guys,

I'm having some troubles with the syntax of my code; trying something really simple and its just not working, so I know it's me.

I have a menu button setup with 3 panels for visibility. Basically, all set to "false" but when I choose one of those panels in the menu button, it will make that panel "visible".

On the menu button I have an "IF...ELSE.." statement, but my logic is as follows:

obtain the properties of the panels --> menu selects which panel --> use updateProp to set visible to "True"

But I think my getProp and updateProp syntax is wrong:

if (value == "Panel 1"){

Any ideas guys ?



updateProp() cannot be used to change a property directly, actually this function is almost useless and could probably be removed.

Here's how you can do that:

  • set the panel's visible property to
    VAR{show, true}
    (creates an internal variable in the panel, the variable is named "show" with a default value to true
  • use getVar("panel_id'', "show") to get the state of that variable
  • use setVar("panel_id" , "show", false_or_true) to change the state of that variable
  • the panel will automatically update its properties that contain the VAR{} block associated with that variable

you're amazing !!

Works a dream, and I can use it in multiple different ways :slight_smile:

Thanks a million