Solved: Matrix - Line breaks in props

How can I make a 2x line break in the label when I send it from the custom module?

If I enter it directly in a matrix widget, the following syntax works perfect:

props.label = (
   VARartSpecialName[$] + '\n\n' +

But if I send this syntax from the custom-modul to the matrix widget with /EDIT ...

receive('/EDIT', 'matrix_artSpecial', {'props': `JS{{
	var props = {}
	var VARartSpecialName = [${artSpecialName}]
	var VARartSpecialKey = [${artSpecialKey}]
	//props.html = VARartSpecialKey[$]
	props.label = (
		VARartSpecialName[$] '\n\n' VARartSpecialKey[$]

	return props

... it arrives like this in the props from matrix widget.

	props.label = (
		VARartSpecialName[$] '

' VARartSpecialKey[$]

I have already tried different brackets and quotes, but nothing has helped.
Is there any other newline commands than \n or what else could I try?

Try with \\n (the additional backslash is here to make sure \ is understood as a character and prevent \n from being converted to a new line, it's called escaping).

Oh dear... and I'm only scratching the surface of programming.
Anyway, thanks for your tips (also the suggestion to work with tabs and matrix).

I adapted my load.json file from 3.5MByte down to 1.1MB and I must say, the working speed has increased dramatically.