SOLVED: Customizing Jean Emmanuels MCU template to address cloned matrixes from one script

Dear forum,
I am very excited to have found this wonderful platform and such a powerful tool.

Starting from Jean Emmanuels MCU template I have customized it to also contain the lcd_display in the mixer_strip so it gets cloned within the strip_matrix with an ascending count number:

I have also adjusted the .js file to talk to the individual displays:


} else if (address === '/sysex') {

var [value] = inArgs
//var ID = "1"
for (var ID = 1; ID < 30; ID++) {
if (value.includes("f0 00 00 66 14 " +ID +" ")) { // mackie lcd text

    var d = value.split(" ").slice(6).map(x=>parseInt(x, 16)), // hex to int
        pos = d[0], // first byte -> position
        text = d.slice(1).map(x=>String.fromCharCode(x)) // rest -> updated characters

    text.pop() // drop sysex closing byte

    action = 'lcd_'+(ID-10)
    outArgs.push(pos, ...text)

} }

My problem is I don't know how to adjust lcd_dispatch to address the individual lcd-displays. Here you see a WRONG code in the scripting field trying to implement @{parent.variables.n}, which I think is needed...?

Can anybody help fix that?

Thanks in advance!

OK, got it:
I had to move lcd_dispatch into mixer_strip as well and change its address and script field: