Send to one particular ip with a widget

I have to send OSC messages to 3 differents ip:port and I would like to send to one of the software with some widgets same for the 2 others ips.
I don't know how to explain it clearly and easily, but a simple way to describe it is : can I specify one of default reciever ips for a widget to send only to this ip ? If yes, how ?
My 3 ips are all dmx controller that I want to control on a same interface but individually.

Thanks a lot !
I hope this is clear enough :slight_smile:

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Note : maybe there is a topic for this question but i didn't find it :confused:
Note 2 : I'm very new to OSC,DMX or Open Stage Control, so i need a little more explainations :))

You can set multiple default targets using the server's send option:

will make all widgets send to ports 5555 and 6666. It's possible to add targets per widgets using the target property:

will make the widget send to port 6666, and ports 4444 and 5555 unless the ignoreDefaults property is enabled. Multiple targets can be specified this way but the syntax is different:


When working with default server targets, you might want to enable the bypass property on some widgets if they don't need to send anything.

Now if you want to a have a set of predefined targets to choose from on a per-widget basis instead of using the server's send option, there's no built-in dedicated way to do it but it's possible. Here is an exemple: create a few variable widgets in your session (add widget > script > variable) with the following properties set:

  • value: ip:port for the controlled software
  • id: short identifier for this software

Now you'll be able to use these variables in the target property of other widgets using the advanced syntaxes:




where variables_id_1 and variables_id_2 are the ids you chosed for your variable widgets. Open stage control will simply replace @{variables_id_1} with the value of the widget whose id is variables_id_1, and so on.