Send MIDI message while

Hi guys,

I'm still in learning curve, I'm trying to make the button continuously repeat sending a MIDI messages until I release my hand from the button.

I tried this but "Open Stage Control" crashes once I run it !! :

while (value == 127)
send('/control', 1,1,127)

any ideas.

hi @abdulrahman

O-S-C crash is due to an infinite loop as your while condition is alway true.
Actually, i don't how to get what you want but hope some smart people will help you (and me :slight_smile: )


i tried that with a button set on push in the onValue property


but it seems an infinite loop occured and stuck O-S-C :slight_smile:

this works

var out = 0
while ( value && out < 5000) {

out = out+200 

console.log("sortie du while")
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Use setInterval to execute an action periodically:

if (value == 127) {
    send('/control', 1,1,127)
  }, 500) // every 0.5s
} else {

thank you @Greenman & @jean-emmanuel for your quick reply. setInterval did the need. thank you all again.

hum @abdulrahman you get what you want ? i mean it sends message until you release the button ?!

If you can post here your session file, it will be kind

Yes @Greenman, It sends message until I release the button, unfortunately, I'm not able to share files yet as I'm still new user.

But, basically copy the code that @jean-emmanuel shared, and then paste it in your button, in the onValue property.

For testing purpose, and to see how the result will look like in the console, I changed the "send" function to "hello" (I don't know how to print the midi message in the console, thats why I changed it to print just " hello")

The result: you will see the console is keep printing the word "hello" until you release the button.

if (value == 127) {
    //send('/control', 1,1,127)
  }, 500)
} else {

btw, if anyone can teach me how to print a midi message for a button in the Console that will be great !!

Finally I can share files now, here is the example session for using setInterval to repeat sending messages:

Example setInterval.json (2.1 KB)