Send cc from external input


Hello everyone.
This is script I made.

What I trying to do is
I send cc to osc [1,116]
if value is 1 osc send cc 8,56,127
if value is 2 osc send cc 8,57,127

but its not working.
What am I doing wrong?


Is it a button ? What values do you expect to receive from cc 116 ? Test with console log if the condition is true. Show us values property

Thank you for reply Greenman

No it's script widget.
(I tried with button. But i's only work if I press button. It should work with external cc input not with press button)

What I expect is
send cc 116,1 to osc then osc send cc 8,56,127
send cc 116,2 to osc then osc send cc 8,57,127

(DEBUG, MIDI) in: CONTROL_CHANGE: channel=1, cc=116, value=1 From: midi:DAWtoOSC
(DEBUG, OSC) In: { address: '/control', args: [ 1, 116, 1 ] } From: midi:DAWtoOSC

I can check 116,1 in. but no out. (cc 8,56,127)

sorry for my english.