Send('/address','value') undefined

send('target','/address','value') works if address and target is defined into widget's osc, but send('/address','value') remains undefined into console,

I don't understand why since the doc says:

send('/address', 1) // uses the widget's target

my o-s-c version is 1.25.2.

hum "value" is not defined, right ? set value to 25.

I tried with integers too

The console just reply 'undefined', like if 'send()' fn itself were not defined at all

I tried on both node server and app, same thing happens,

maybe I should update...

can you put the link to the doc you talk about and where do you put your send ?

That's the expected behavior. The console prints the return value of provided command, which in the case of send() is undefined. If the function were actually not defined you'd get an error instead.