Scripting Icons

Is there a list of codes that create icons? for example ^video will create a movie camera.
looking for arrows and other symbols. not looking to add pictures


Not sure if this answer your question, but I guess this is what you are asking for ?


Hi there

I don't know if this site can interest somebody there

The icons available in open stage control with the aforementioned syntax are listed here :

Isn’t there a way without using third party ?

Nick Saya

These icons are included in open stage control, you don't need to use a 3rd party per say, it's here anyway.

Ok than you.

Nick Saya

Is there a way to have time code from my DAW be displayed in OSC?
any help appreciated

Sorry, I’m late to the party.
It is of course possible but it depends on your DAW and which protocol you use to communicate btw your DAW and O S C (Mackie control, OSC, TouchOSC, etc.)
We need more input to help you.