Open Stage Control discord server?

i was wondering if it worth it to make a discord server for the users of open stage control to share their scripts and templates and give other people tips or share other cool information that doesn't find it place on this forum?


Please do not multiply sources...
Discord is just a mouse scroll hell right ?
So if you want to share your template do it please here in this forum, Made with Open Stage Control - Community - Open Stage Control


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i mean you can make different channels for different use cases, roles,etc.

Can also just be a community hub.

the major drawback to me about Discord is that it's not well organized. In a forum, it's simple, you got category then you create a post with a topic and everybody can follow the exchange easily, all the messages are grouped into one place.
On discord, you have to scroll and scroll and scroll even if you use the search function it's so slow to find what you want.
But it's just a point of view. Discord to be used as a chat room why not but not for important topic IMHO

I don't use Discord. There's an IRC channel for chatting (freenode #openstagecontrol) but it's not active, I don't have time to monitor another communication channel. People are free to use whatever channel they want though.

I added a channel #open-stage-control in the Live Looping discord server. Join if you want. :slight_smile: