O-S-C + Ableton Live Intro 11 + Korg nanoKontrol2 - issue creating port

Hi there,

i am stuck with this set :

ableton live set up

  1. first launch Live
  2. Plug the nanoKontrol2 press the set and stop button
  3. preferences

  1. insert a midi instrument in the first track
  2. check if moving the first fader moves the volume fader. Press on the R to arm the first track


In O-S-C

  1. List the midi devices

  1. set in the midi property a virtual midi port called "nano" in will catch the coming from the nanoKontrol2 and out will send to the nanoKontrol2


error in O-S-C with ableton launched

If i close ableton live, then it's ok


Any idea ?


ps : i have to launch first Ableton live with the korg nanoKontrol2 pressed for ableton to map the physical knobs, fader, buttons.

Never used Live but I think you need to create another communication port. You can't use the same as the Nano. The only way to get between the two would be to use OSC as a bridge (editing the custom module to pass communication between the two)

thank you for your help

but i don't use custom modules but i will create more ports and see if i get what i want

Something like that i suppose


Too late for today :slight_smile:

Regarding the initial issue : Since new Version 1.83 no connection - #21 by jean-emmanuel

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