Not populating switch data on Start of OSC?

I have a custom module to go read and XML and convert it to JSON so I can create a switch grid of buttons. I call the submodule in the main custom module, at the start. It functions properly. However, the switchgrid isn't populating at the start. If I reload the custom module after OSC has already been started, then the switchgrid populates correctly.

I tried placing my function outside of the module.exports, and also inside the module.exports.init() and both resulted in the same.

I'm assuming that my script might be running before the switch is even created so its sending the info no nothing I guess? Is there a correct way to go about this or is it not possible?

// divisiMate
receive("/divisiMate_switches", getPresetInfo())
// divisiMate submodule
const { readFileSync } = nativeRequire("fs")
const { parse, basename } = nativeRequire("path")
const { xml2json } = nativeRequire("xml-js")

const filePath = `${process.env.APPDATA}/Application Support/Nextmidi/Divisimate/Performances/DMD.dpf`
const readXML = readFileSync(filePath, { encoding: "utf-8" })
let xmlToJson = xml2json(readXML, {
  compact: true,
  spaces: 4,
  ignoreDeclaration: true,

xmlToJson = JSON.parse(xmlToJson).Performance
const dmAttributes = xmlToJson._attributes
const dmPresets = xmlToJson.PresetSlot

const getPresetInfo = () => {
  const switches = {}
  dmPresets.forEach((preset, i) => {
    const { PresetSlotNumber, PresetFile, PresetUuid } = preset._attributes

    if (PresetFile === undefined) return

    const presetName = basename(PresetFile, ".dmpreset")

    switches[presetName] = i + 1
  return switches

module.exports = {

Start of OSC looks like this:

I'm expecting it to look like this which it does after a refresh of the custom module (just using ctrl+s in vsCode to simulate a refresh)


You can confirm that is a timing issue wrapping the receive function in a setTimeout().

Another thing you could try is to call the receive function in an app.on("sessionOpened", callback), like so: (check details here: Custom module - Open Stage Control)

app.on("sessionOpened", (data, client) => {
    receive("/divisiMate_switches", getPresetInfo())


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Thank you Clelson,

Using setTimeout() for some reason escaped my thought process of error checking. That did prove it was a timing issue. And using app.on worked as well, which I like using that better so I went with that option.


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