Multixy select point

Can I register, thru javascript, what point is beeing touched, even without it beeing moved?


No. In next version the messages sent when touchAddress is set will contain this information.

Hey :slight_smile:

I’m tinkering with beta5. Can you give me a short example of catching touchAddress ?


The most simple way to understand what’s going on is to setup open stage control with the debug option enabled so that sent messages are printed to the console, then simply create a multixy widget, set its target (or define a global target in the server’s send option) and touchAddress options.

You can’t catch this information within the client’s context (ie with scripts), but you can process the osc messages from a custom module.

Thanks, got it!

Now a feature request:
Is it possible to put the message from the widget, AND the message about which point is touched together in the same message? It’s a bit easier to handle that way, since the OSC address is the same anyway.


I don’t think it would be better, these are two different informations.

Ok :slight_smile:

I asked because the two messages look (almost) identical. As far as I know, I can only get the info about which point is touched, by disregarding every 2nd message to that address.

There are two different informations here:

  • one message with a single argument that tells whether the widget is touched
  • one message with two arguments that tells which point is touched

The number of argument tells you which is which.