Modal ignore tabs not working on iOS

I've attached a shared *.json, which is my anchoring two hamburger modals inside/ontop of a tab panel widget.

The problem is the two modals are not ignoring the tabs on iOS, but they work on my windows desktop/laptop (client and browsing through a separate browser).

Here is the widget

When clicking on either Set or Sel modal, it should popup like this:

However, on iOS which I tested on my iPhone and iPad both on iOS v16, the modal doesn't escape the panel.

I tested with just the blank session, and removed my custom Module and theme.css to make sure those weren't the culprits, and the problem still persists only on iOS devices.

testAnchorWidget.json (99.9 KB)


Which Safari version ?

I'm not sure if there is a way to check the specific version of Safari on my iPhone or iPad, but both iOS's are running v16.1.1

I suspect it's the same ios bug as in Modal acting weird in iPhoneX and iPad.

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Regarding the version of safari, only the iOS version matters, no need to look for something else.

some folks may want to use Safari on another os no ?

They may but it's not supported.

ah ok. Introduction - Open Stage Control
Actually it's not written Safari compatible, it's a bit ambiguous as we guess that on ios, the browser used is safari so i overinterpreted "it's ok on other os". My bad :slight_smile:
edit : maybe add version 60 and above as we are now at the version 108 for Chrome.

I will, thanks.