Menu + script question [v1]

Another question regarding the new Release…
Maybe someone could point me to the right direction…

I have to use scripts anyway… but how to…

I have the new menu (radial menu is really nice btw.)
4 Text Values
in another widget i want to react on this depending on the selection (set values of matrix buttuns, print it in a text field ,etc…)Value.
Before was the “children” where i could pass in values, now it should work with “<<” “>>” , but didn’t get anything working here… is there somewhere a little example available ?


Using the menu’s script property you can write your conditional script directly:

// no JS{{}} wrapper here
if (value == 1) {
  // do something, for example
  // set('widget_1', 1)
} else if (value == 2) {
  // do something else
} // etc

See this page for available variables / functions: