Is there an option to turn off/disable client notifications❔

I'm still working on that GUI that saves and loads states like presets and I was wondering if there's an option to turn off the client notifications. I intend to have an "auto save" option triggered by changes to certain controls but once it's done I don't wanna see all those notifications popping up.

I thought of the server option "client-options" but I couldn't find this specific one. Nor topics talking about this.

Once this thing is working flawlessly I don't wanna see any notifications really.

Thanks beforehand

I first wanted to link to this thread, but maybe adding a special argument to /SESSION/SAVE (which I assume is what you use) to allow bypassing this specific notification would make sense.

I went for the css approach finally and added a specific class to save notifications so that they can be hidden, adding this in a theme file will do in next release:

.notifications .session-save {
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Sounds nice but that would allow an on/off switch situation? This is to be put on the root's css, right?
Why not put it as a check-able item menu to be called by a widget like to save the current project? Too much trouble?