How can I assign one of the multiple received args to an address field?

Hey there,
I have a message that's loaded with few different arguments. I want to assign each of them to a different widget.

What's the correct syntax to do it? Apparently not this:


Widgets can't just pick any value, they only get to consume the last value (or values if they expect multiple values, like XY pads) in the message. Static values before the actual value to consume can be specified using the preArgs property, those will be skipped and will only be used to determine whether the message is addressed to the widget or not (and when sending a message, they will be prepended to the widget's value).

More advanced routing can be achieved using a custom module or using scripting: a script widget could be used to receive the message with all the values and pass only the relevant one to another widget.

// onValue property of some script widget
// that receives the message with multiple values
set('otherWidgetID', value[1])

That makes super sense. Thanks!