Hide or show tabs using toggle widgets

how to hide or show tabs using toggle widgets?


I already make something like that. I’m using variables to hide or show a tab.

On the css box of the tab panel is put :
.navigation { display: #{(@{this.variables.config_mode} != "control") ? "block" : "none" }; }

Instead on @{this.variables.config_mode}, you can try @{toggle}.

thanks soo much, I’ll try

Is it possible to use this method to hide the main tab navigation in read-only mode and show it in editing mode and how would you go about it? I can’t find the global variable like “read-only” mode.


These globals are not exposed in this context, maybe they could !

Alternatively, since the read-only is set on the server side, you could hide it from a tiny custom theme to be added to the theme option in production:

.root-panel > .panel > .navigation {
/* sidepanel may still be accessible with f10, disable it ? */
#sidepanel {
 display: none;
#container.sidepanel-open {
 right: 0!important;