Feature request: ability to map usb keyboard buttons to widgets, through scripting property / custom module

I'd like this to be possible:

// in the scripting property
if (value === 1 && keyDOWN == CTRL) {
// do something

// in the custom module
if (keystroke == CTRL+B) {
// do something

Reason why:
→ sometimes it's easier to reach for a physical device than constantly putting your finger at the right touchscreen coordinates.

→ maybe a property named "key command" (with two text fields: "key" and "value") could be added?

The script widget has a "keyboard" mode (for the event property) to that effect. More details at Scripting - Open Stage Control

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Jean, I don't think you can imagine how great this feature is for me!
I have this little USB keyboard that I've hooked up to my Kiano Intelect touchscreen Windows 10 tablet.

I use it because It's easier to reach for a physical button (to open a modal) in comparison to finding it on the screen. Actually it makes me feel grateful that I have two hands: one hand hits the button (key) bound to a specific modal widget, while the other prepares to tap a button on the display.