Display a list in text field

this is my second question :
I have a knob that is set to speed sync of … whatever
I made a text monitoring the knob and wish to replace the value displayed by the list :
{‘8/1’, ‘4/1’, ‘2/1’, ‘1/1’, ‘1/2’,‘1/4’,‘1/8’,‘1/16’,‘1/32’,‘1/64’}
Is there a way to do that ?

Assuming the knob’s range is {min: 0, max: 9} and steps is set to 10, setting the knob’s script property as follows will do the trick:

var division = ["8/1", "4/1", "2/1", "1/1", "1/2","1/4","1/8","1/16","1/32","1/64"]

set("text_id", division[value])

Reference: https://openstagecontrol.ammd.net/docs/widgets/scripting/

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perfect !!
thank you