Debugging custom-module

Hi there,

How can I debug my custom-module JS file?
I created a localhost:8080 connection to Open Stage Control in Google Chrome. Next I used developer tools to find my custom-module JS file to insert some breakpoints etc. to debug the custom-module.
Perhaps I am missing something. I can not locate the source?

Any Idea?

Thank you again for your help.

Greetz RoWi

To access the custom module’s source you need to execute O-S-C from a terminal with the --inspect option, then you’ll be able to connect to the server by opening chrome://inspect with a recent chrome browser. Live modifications to the module seem to work, however breakpoints don’t work here and I haven’t figured out why yet.

Oh! I didn’t realise. Cool! Thanks.

Thank you Jean-Emmanuel. I will give it a try. :+1:

Met vriendelijke groet,

Ron Willems

I do launch O-S-C with node like this:
"node open-stage-control --inspect --port 5000"

I start chrome and set the address bar with this:


I open a tab with the address of the server and then the error messages doesn't say more about my custom module than firefox is saying.

What's the purpose of using chrome and --inspect option?

It gives you a live console to the custom module's context that's otherwise not accessible from the client. I personally almost never use it, but it can be of interest for profiling or debugging.