Custom Module Send Additional Data oscOutFilter


I'm trying to figure out if I can send an additional return port in the oscOutFilter method. I have a rather large template with midi receives/sends. I want to use OSC over the network on an additional computer in which I've set up network ports, and I have cubase mirrored 1:1 with the commands. My thought is the following if possible with the custom module:

This below currently doesn't work but show's what I'm trying to do.

const { address, args, host, port, clientId  } = data
if (port === "cubaseOSC") {
     return { address, args, host, port: ["cubaseOSC", "cubaseOSC_Network"], clientId }

Is it possible to perhaps send to return data, the original message an additional message with the new port cubaseOSC_Netowork ?

I realize I could go through every command in OSC and add an additional target, but I'm trying to save time and bloat just handling it through the custom module.



Ah, I'm silly. I guess I could just use sendOSC() instead of thinking about return an array of ports. :upside_down_face:

sendOsc({ address, args, host, port: "cubaseOSC_Network" })