Append a widget via module


I'm looking for a way to dynamically append widget to existing sessions via a module.

I know that I can wipe the whole 'root' with :

receive('/EDIT', 'root', { widgets: interfaceWidgets })

where 'interfaceWidgets' is an array of widgets but is there a way to retrieve all child of a widget or to append a widget to an existing one.


/EDIT/GET allows retreiving the widget data including its children's, there's no "append" command currently.

I guess it's related to OpenStageControlHandbook/codeSamples/QRCodeModule at main · ameisso/OpenStageControlHandbook · GitHub, in which case you could try an alternative approach:

  • encode the qrcode as a base64 image
  • edit the root's html property to insert the image without touching the session tree

Ok that makes sense.

I've compiled the app, so maybe I'll submit a PR to include that in the core software
See here :

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Hi @ameisso

A big thank for your work !

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