Advanced property syntax

I have a widget that I would like to use its own value.

color: @{this.value}

led_1 value field: green

For some reason I can’t use the Led value field to change its color using this.value

The special property name value refers to a widget’s current value (which can be affected by its value property ).

The led’s value is resolved to a number, that’s why it doesn’t work, just like setting a fader’s value to anything else than a number wouldn’t work either.

I’m not sure to understand what you’re trying to do: if you could use the led’s value to set its color then you’d have no way to set its intensity, thus making it useless. If you want to be able to change the color as if it were a widget’s value, you can either 1. create an input widget that holds the color value and retreive it with @{input_id} or 2. use the osc listener syntax.