Add color to buttons (or to anything)

I can not find a single working example with color in the buttons. Even I loaded an old project that somebody shared that had colors, and when loaded all is blue. Colors are lost. And no matter what I add to the color field, its always the same color.
How can I add color to the buttons, and even better, where to find a single example with colors? That low contrast blue is not very visible, specially coming from Touch OSC, where color is easy to manage.

The v1 release will bring a more flexible and contrasted color system (along with many other changes). If custom colors are not applied, it could be because you are using an incompatible browser, it must be chrome or chromium v50 or above and the minimum version for iOS is 9.3 (this version won’t be supported anymore in next release by the way).

Im in this moment in the process from migrating from touch osc to this app as this is quite superior. When you think that new version will be release v1? Do that means any pre existing layout will need to be redone in the new version? I can understand that, simply I would like to know to what extend

v1 will introduce many breaking changes that will make it incompatible with old sessions. Users will be advised to not update unless they want to start a new project.

Ok, I understand. I will implement anyway what I can with the current version as I don’t have yet the new version and this is quite more powerful than Touch OSC. I found the way to change colors with CSS, that I guess will go away in the next version.
When you think the v1 will be released? If you don’t know, I can understand, simply wondering.

I don’t know yet, I’ll try to write about it in the blog section soon. I’m also thinking of making an alpha release within a few weeks to gather feedback.