Add Buttons Dynamically

I'd like to add buttons dynamically to a panel. Basically read a JSON file at startup and add the buttons - i.e. specify the id and add a function to each one.

Is this possible.


That'd be using a custom module and the /EDIT command to :

var data = loadJSON('widget-data.json')

// assuming data is an object with the default properties for a button
// create a list of buttons that derivate from it

var buttonList = [
        id: 'dynbutton_1',
        colorWidget: 'red'
        id: 'dynbutton_2',
        colorWidget: 'cyan'
    // etc

app.on('sessionOpened', function(data, client) {
    // event triggered when a client finished loading a session

    receive('/EDIT', 'panel_id',
        {widgets: buttonList}, // replace content of panel (note: must not contain tabs)
        {noWarning: true}, // prevent "unsaved changes prompt"
        {clientId:} // send command only to the client that just connected 


module.exports = {
    // here go the osc filtering functions if needed
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