A software to convert a midi note to a string


I'm looking for a software that can help me to write some doc. I'm lazy and it's very very boring to type <kbd>Track</kbd>
Let say if i change a knob (affected on a control change value) i can write in a notepad "what a wondefull world". If i send a note 60, it writes <kbd>Track</kbd>
Do you know this kind of software (any plateform will be fine) ?

Edit : autohotkeys coupled with Midikey2Key may answer my needs. But any ideas appreciated :slight_smile:

Edit 2 : https://coyotemidi.com/ ah ah !

For Windows I definitely recommend AHK in combination with some of the reps made by users (AHK-Midi).
If that is not an option, you could wrap your head around some python and the PyAutoGUI library.

For MacOS theres the awesome Keyboard Maestro which is easy to understand and uses MIDI input natively.
Also, you can easily add manual abbreviations (/hotstrings) in the settings of MacOS (does not use MIDI tho).

Cheers! :slight_smile:

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