XY not working as in Touch OSC

Im trying to copy the XY pad functionality in Touch OSC here but doesn’t work. Anyone know what I’m doing wrong?
this is in Touch OSC
And this is in Open Stage control. Any other button works, its not a connection problem. And I’m using the pc app.

Could you be more specific on what doesn’t work as expected ? Is it that no osc message is being sent ? It seems the widget’s target property is empty, have you set a default target using the server’s send option ?

Please not that I’ve never used TouchOSC, my knowledge of this software is limited to a bunch of screenshots and videos. O-S-C doesn’t aim to provide a 1:1 replacement, it’s a different software in many ways and will require some adjustments to get used to.

I don’t use target in any of the other widgets when I’m using in open stage control. It simply does nothing. Default target you mean the IP? It should use the general IP for the rest of commands, the one in the first screen. But adding the ip here changes nothing. In fact the original pad in Touch OSC was using multiXY, but doesn’t work either. This basically moves a character in the XY space.

I don’t mention TouchOSC as something to copy, I think this is a lot better.
I mention it simply as a example of a very solid and standard implementation of OSC as its probably the most popular program using that protocole (until this become better known). In all searches about OSC the first thing that appear is Touch OSC, an app under developed and long time ago without updates.
But all it’s there works. The parameters that has the matrix are just the ones in my screenshot and works. Then I was wondering why doesn’t work in Open Stage Control, even many other things work.
I use it to control Unreal, as Unreal has full OSC support and is used in concerts and many other things. But Unreal doesn’t add anything new to OSC, simply uses the standard protocols and all work in Touch OSC. Then what I was trying to do is to replicate the standard OSC functionality with the multiple advantage that has this program over Touch OSC.

You need to tell o-s-c where to send the messages, not just with an IP address, but an IP and a port number (which is most probably configurable on the receiving side). That’s how most osc-controllable softwares work.

Your send option (or target property if set per-widget) should look like: (where 9000 is the actual port number on which Unreal listens).

I do that in the main window of configuration, adding the port and IP. And from I can see it works for nearly all of the commands.
I didn’t think I need to repeat this information for each single command. Is this needed?
I suppose you mean this:
But it doesn’t have any effect and this info is already included here:

I didn’t think I need to repeat this information for each single command. Is this needed?

No it’s not, since the server’s send option is set.

You can check what o-s-c actually sends by enabling the server’s debug option.