Video or animated image: perf issue


I’d like to display a small animated picture on my dashboard.

When using a small animated gif at 10fps, it takes 15%cpu in electron
I have also tried with animated ppng, and with a mp4 video embedded in a frame.

In any case, it takes 15%cpu or more on my PC (core i7-8550U).

@jean-emmanuel, is there anything you could do here?

I tried --disable-vsync, and cpu usage raised up to 150%


Does it perform better when viewing the app in chrome ?

Yes, the cpu usage is lower in chrome than in electron

in addition:

  • animated gifs or apng inside a frame work in the browser
  • videos inside a frame do not appear in the browser (but play in electron)

The electron gui will be updated in a futur release so this should be unified at some point.