Vibrate from script?

Hi, I tried to call Vibration API in several ways, with no luck. It seems like we cannot call Vibration API from scripts - do you see some way to do it? It could be very helpful feature when using smartphones or tablets to have ability to make a custom vibration feedback.

Cheers, Teo

I'll expose the whole Navigator object as globals.navigator with getNavigator() in next release, this should open some interesting perspectives.


I'm very glad to hear it! Looking forward to upgrade my control designs with this feature! Cheers, Teo

Hi, is there a possibility to try this new feature? Nightly build or something? Thanks

v1.20.0 will be available in a moment.

I would love to see some examples of how getNavigator() can be used :slight_smile:

hi @matcham

navigator = getNavigator()

if (navigator.userActivation.isActive) {
  // proceed to request playing media, for example