Unsuccessful at connecting my project to iPad


I hope to use this software for many years and have only begun setting it up.

I however am not having any luck at getting the project file to mirror to the iPad. I am unclear how to use the addresses I believe. I was brought here by Brian Rivlin’s youtube video and though I follow his guide am not getting anything showing up on my new iPad touch surface using a web browser to pull up my file.

Suprised to have not found the topic, but not surprised if I am alone in this kafuffle.

Thanks for the guidance,

the moderator can delete this post. I did wait a few days before coming to the forums but the answer was just to use the other addresses when initializing…

Glad you figured it out, usually the first http address show by the server when it starts is the localhost address, hence your issue. FYI, since this video was released the whole python part of the installation process became useless (the midi addon is included since 1.7).