Ubuntu installation


Just install o-s-c 1.9.14 from the .deb package and there is an issue the shortcut still target to the previous version.

if i launch o-s-c

So we have to remove the old version before installing a newer.
Voilà voilà

I never had this issue with the deb packages, are you confident the first installation of 1.9.14 went well ?

yes it happens on two different machines. but as you make me doubt :slight_smile: i checked.

  • removed the 1.9.14
  • reinstalled the 1.9.13
  • checked in the terminal the version and launch via the command open-stage-control
  • double click on the 1.9.14.deb

Hum there is comme une contradiction :slight_smile:

So i bet that the Ubuntu Software Center is "dans les choux". So i installed via dpkg.

If i checked if o-s-c is installed into the ubuntu software center, no line corresponding.

voilà, voilà

If dpkg works, then I guess it's a bug in the ubuntu software center.